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Helicopter Adventure

Welcome to the innovative Helicopter Online Game
Helicopter Adventure

The Helicopter Simulator with Action

Alpha-pre-Release 0.1
Helicopter Adventure - The Flightsimulator with Action
You can play this new Browsergame directly in your Browser, without any installation of software.
No registration - no hidden costs.

Made with the newest programming technologies this game is less then 100 Kilobytes in size. This enables, that you can play this Game with computers with low internet connection!

If you like to know more about that Game, please click on >> about the game >>.
The explanation of this Game you find on >> Instructions >>.

If you like to start directly, please click >> Here >>.
The Game will open in a blank Browser window.
Remember: Java must be active in your Browser, if you like to play.
If you don´t have Java, you can download it for free >> here >>.

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